Finnish language and culture in Kingston-upon-Thames

Our school is part of a global network of part-time Finnish schools. Our aim is to teach the Finnish language and culture to children as well as adults. Our students usually have a parent or grandparent of Finnish origin or they come from Finnish families living in the Greater London area for work reasons.
See page: Admissions for instructions how to join in to the school activities.

We meet at Tiffin School (see "Our Location" page for directions) for two hours every other Saturday morning during term time - see the Calendar page for school times/dates and details of other events. We have a cafeteria and we run a small library with books in Finnish language.


Admissions to the Finnish School of Kingston for the Autumn term 2020

Information of the Finnish School of Kingston's admission policy can be found here.

Teaching Syllabus Guidelines for Finnish School in Kingston

Finnish National Board of Education has published Teaching Syllabus Guidlines for Finnish Schools abroads, summer 2015. Finnish School of Kingston uses the guidelines as base for the school's own annual teaching syllabus.
FNBE Teaching Syllabus Guidelines in Finnish.

Interactive games for learning the Finnish language

Craig Gibson has sent a link to his Digital Dialects Finnish site, in which you can practise Finnish either written or with audio support. This is worth testing!

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