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What is a Finnish School?
Finnish School of Kingston is part of a global network of Finnish Schools. In Great Britain our umbrella organisation is Finn-Guild, but we are an independent charitable organisation registered in England and Wales (registration number 1076074).

Finnish schools provide teaching in the Finnish language, support parents in speaking and teaching Finnish to their children, promote the Finnish culture and customs, and provide a social network for people of Finnish origin.

Finnish School of Kingston has been operating since 1997, and holds 70-80 pupils on its roll. In addition we have a group for adult learners, which is proving increasingly popular.

We receive an annual grant from The Finnish Ministry of Education which covers most of our costs. We also raise funds by operating a shop/cafe/library during school hours and by charging a membership fee and termly fees from students. The government grant does not cover adult students, so this group is self funding.

What happens at Finnish School?
The youngest children (3years +) learn the Finnish language and culture through play, music and art. We now focus on teaching Finnish as a second language. Children aged six to seven years are introduced to Year 1 material used at schools in Finland. Learning is still mainly through games, play and other activities. At age eight children will get introduced to Year 2 at schools in Finland, and they will be given the opportunity to start taking the examinations set by the Finnish Education Board.

Our school follows Finnish school traditions by holding a Christmas Party and Spring Party at the end of each of the two terms, where students give performances in Finnish. We also have visiting artists performing music and drama.
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Our Operational Report and Teaching Syllabus
Please click on the links below to download our Operational Report and Teaching Syllabus - the documents are in Word format.

Operational Report
Operational Report from academic year 2014-2015 (PDF document, in Finnish)
Teaching Syllabus 2015-2016
Teaching Syllabus for FSOK (PDF document, in Finnish)
Finnish National Board of Education - Teaching Syllabus Guidelines
Teaching Syllabus Guidelines for FSOK (PDF document, in Finnish)


Finnish language and culture for
students of all ages and levels
in a friendly atmosphere
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