We admit to our school children who have turned 3 years old. You will need to fill in an application form for each child in your family - please download it by clicking here, and fill in also this questionnare to estimate the current level of Finnish language of the applicant. You can print the forms out and post them to the address below. You can also save the forms in MSWord format, fill in the details and send them as email attachments to Mrs Davies.
We aim to admit new pupils in preferably in the beginning of a term (September and January), but exceptions can be made if there is space. NOTE that you always need to wait for our membership secretary Mrs Davies to contact you and confirm a place in a class before coming in.

Adult students will need to fill in a form specifying their level of Finnish - please click here for an adult learner's application form.

Toddlergroup Tiuhtiviuhtiset is a club for children under 3 and their parents/carers.
In the sessions we sing and play in Finnish, do crafts and read stories. There is also a free play time for the children.
Please fill in the application form for the Toddlergroup Tiuhtiviuhtiset opening this application form.

If you have any questions about admissions, please e-mail them to Mrs Virpi Davies

School fees:

The school fees are set by the Board and announced before the beginning of each term. Currently the fees are as follows:
Membership fee / family / year £20; plus


Termly fee / 1 child in the family / term £50
Termly fee / 2 children in the family / term £70
Termly fee / 3 children in the family / term £80
Termly fee / 4+ children in the family / term £90

Tuition Fee £10 / lesson (payable at the beginning of each term).

Toddlers and their parents:
The cost of the toddlergroup is 3 per FSOK member family per session.

Please make cheques payable to "Finnish School of Kingston" and give them to the school staff at the beginning of each term (Our Treasurer will accept cheques). The membership fee is payable once a year in September.


There are two terms:
Autumn Term: September - December and Spring Term: January - June.
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