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  School Children's Kantele-workshop 8.5.2015
Anttu Koistinen from a famous Koistinen Kantele - family-owned company in Finland, held a music workshop to the older children in the Finnish School of Kingston. All pupils over 6 years old had a change to join in to the tuition. Here Hattivatti -class is learning how to play 5-string kantele guided by Anttu.
  Cafe Instructions Instructions for the cafe rota (Word document, in Finnish)
Instructions to cook coffee with the coffee maker
Instructions for maintaining the cafeteria refreshments

We are looking for Teaching Assistants for classes.

A Teaching Assistant reads stories and helps the children with reading, writing and artwork. The post would suit for example a Finnish parent or an au-pair. If you are interested in helping, even for a short time, please contact Teachers' Coordinator email:

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